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The purpose of Verwolf is to provide an easy, "1-step" way of locating the latest version numbers of your favorite software, eliminating the need to manually visit many
different web sites in order to see if there is a newer version available. Verwolf allows you to track version numbers for just about anything that can be updated on your
computer, including software, firmware, and hardware drivers. The only requirement is that the vendor or company that makes the software, firmware, or drivers has a
page on their website that displays the latest available version number in such a way that a pattern can be established. Most do!
Unlike other version tracking solutions, you don't need to worry about whether that obscure program you use is known to the version tracking software or website! As
long as you know the company's website URL, you can add that program to Verwolf using the handy wizard and begin to track the latest version number.
Though Verwolf is a bit more flexible than other version trackers in the sense that you can track things that do not have to be in their database of titles, the trade-off is
that Verwolf is a bit technical. Because of this, it may not be for everyone. But if you’re a bit computer-savvy and like to be using the latest versions of your favorite
software, then you should give Verwolf a try. Once you get used to how it works and how to edit product entries, you will find that it is quite handy!
Verwolf Highlights:
  * Search for updates to your favorite software, hardware drivers, and firmware
  * Does not rely on a 3rd party to “promptly maintain a database”!
  * Works with almost any product that has a web site
  * Outstanding technical support from a person who cares
  * Verwolf is absolutely free with no strings attached!
  * No adware.  No spyware.  No viruses.  No kidding!

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