Version 1.1 - February 18th, 2010
* Added some info to the help file.
* Changed the records for other software offered by Cognitial Software since our website has recently changed.

* None.

Version 1.0 - February 7th, 2010
* Decided to release publicly as freeware. Better to do that than to do nothing with it at all!

* Vista & Windows 7 Compatibility: The help file has been converted from the “HLP” format to the “CHM” format.
* Vista & Windows 7 Compatibility: A different installer is being used which recognizes newer Operating Systems as well as 32/64 bit.

* Changed the way Verwolf reads version numbers from files. Depending on how the author uses version numbers, it simply doesn't always work correctly. However,
with this change it should work correctly in more cases than before.

Version 0.5 BETA (Private) - October 4th, 2006
* While searching for updates, the search progress window now also displays the current operation (such as Opening the URL or Scanning the source).
* Verwolf now tries to confirm an active Internet connection before attempting to download pages.

* Cancelling an update search has been improved. Please note that when in the process of downloading page source, it can take a while for the operation to cancel.
Repeatedly clicking Cancel will NOT speed this up, and will only make Verwolf appear to hang! Give it 20 seconds or so to stop the process. This is more of an issue
only when the site in question is running very slow.

Version 0.4 BETA - June 12th, 2006
* New option to only include products in the results window that are NOT up-to-date. (If the product is up-to-date, it won't be added to the results)
* When searching for updates, the search progress is now in a small window that pops up. It also tells you which product it is currently searching, and it now includes a
cancel button as well.
* The 'search for updates' process (downloading the page source and scanning it for update information) has been sped up considerably. The change will be most
noticeable on slower computers, computers with slower internet connections (i.e. dial-up), or slow sites.

* When a version number was typed directly into the 'Local Version' field (instead of pointing to an EXE or registry key), Verwolf was sometimes showing an altered
representation of that version number (i.e. if you entered 1.2.06, it may show it as 1.2.6)
* If the installed and latest versions were essentially the same, but one of them had extra zeros (such as 3.0.7 and 3.00.7), Verwolf wasn't seeing them as the same,
but rather it was considering the version with extra zeros to be "higher".

Version 0.3 BETA - Mar 25th, 2006
* New 'Stay on top' button in upper-right corner of each window to toggle On Top option. Carries over from window to window, and state is remembered next time app is
* Verwolf now remembers the state of the 'Automatically open results in web browser when finished' option next time app is run.
* 'About' window now shows the location of your database file. Not really important but some people like to know these things, and dammit, I'm going to tell them.
* Added copyright notice to HTML results along with link to Verwolf homepage.

* If the product database was located in a folder other than the Verwolf folder itself (not typical), an error occured when trying to delete a record.

Version 0.2 BETA - Jan 10th, 2006
* When other windows are opened (such as Import, Edit Database, and the Wizard), the previous windows are now hidden. This is especially useful when using the
wizard, as previously there were 3 open Verwolf windows to battle with while trying to switch between your web browser and the wizard.
* You can now minimize the 'Edit Database' and 'Wizard' windows to further get it out of your way while working between a web browser and Verwolf.

* Changed two instances of Verwolf's original alpha name, Update Seeker, found in the Product Wizard.
* The name & location of the user's database was not saved to the Registry as it should have been. This resulted in a message that a new database was created
everytime the app was started. This did not affect the database, but it may have been confusing.
* As embarrassing as it is to admit, when Verwolf created its own record when the database was first made, it filled in the "Version Pre-Text" field incorrectly. This is
now fixed. In my defense, this was coded before Verwolf was added to the website so I was guessing how it was going to be. :)

Version 0.1 BETA - Jan 8th, 2006
* Initial Beta Release to public