What is FlashPAP?

FlashPAP is a free program that makes it easy to wirelessly copy
sleep data from a compatible CPAP machine onto your computer
where you can then view the results in your favorite sleep data
software.  It requires a compatible CPAP machine and a Toshiba
FlashAir II Wireless SD card.  SD card capacity does not matter
much since they are all much more than the CPAP machine needs
anyway.  Official documentation on how to configure the FlashAir II
cards for your network can be found here.  Also see the great
resources at the TNET Sleep Apnea Information site.

It is written in Java so it will run on Windows, Mac and Linux! 
It requires Java 7 (1.7.0_6) or newer which is already installed on
most computers.  Don't have Java installed?  You can get it for free

* Supports multiple user profiles
* Supports command line switches to have the program automatically transfer the files for the specified user


There is an email link in the 'about' window inside the program where you can send me an email.  You may also use the General Contact link found on this
website.  I will try to help you get it working if you are having problems.  You can also send me an email if you'd like me to look into adding support for your
CPAP machine.  There is also an excellent write-up on FlashPAP as well as configuring your FlashAir card available at the TNET Sleep Apnea Info site.


You can download a zip file containing the program using the button below.  On some browsers you may need to right-click on the button and choose 'Save
Link As' or similar.  There is no installation necessary!  Just unzip to a folder somewhere on your computer such as on your desktop.  Double-click the .JAR file
to run the program.  An icon is also provided inside the zip file if you'd like to create a shortcut to the program and use a better looking icon than the standard
Java icon.

                                                                                                        Java App  (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Compatible models and version history
What brands and models of CPAP machines
are supported?

Since all this program does is copies the data from the WiFi SD
card to your computer, adding support for different CPAP
machines should be pretty easy to do.  Support will be added
for more machines once I've learned how the data is structured
on the SD card (i.e. how the data files and folders are organized
on the SD card).

With that in mind, many older CPAP machines may have SD card
slots but will not work with SDHC SD cards and for that reason
alone, many older machines will not work with the FlashAir SD
cards because they are based on the SDHC standard.  Consult
your manual to be sure.  While initially written for the FlashAir
II, several users have reported success with the original
FlashAir (8 GB model), and in at least one case with a PRS1,
only the original 8 GB model worked with the machine.

Supported models:
See below along with version history.
Download FlashPAP