Player Name Date Timer Setting # Words Score
Dane Vennewitz 1/6/2010 Normal 90 238 pts
Dane Vennewitz 7/2/2008 Normal 91 227 pts
Dane Vennewitz 9/19/2009 Normal 90 220 pts
Dane Vennewitz 4/5/2009 Normal 91 217 pts
John Fernandez 6/21/2008 Normal 85 200 pts
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If you like word games, you're sure to like Boogle. Not only is it fun, but it can help build up your vocabulary and spelling skills. Boogle 4.x has two modes: Single Player Mode and Multi Player Mode. In Single Player mode, it is a one-player only game, and you do not play “against” the computer. It was made simply to kill time. It has a High Score system, which stores the 10 highest scores, and includes a built in spell-checker. In Multiplayer mode, you can play against friends over a LAN or the Internet. Please see the included Help File for more information on multiplayer games.

It can also easily be played by several people sitting around the computer with pens and paper... just like in the "real" game. ;)
Although it has been given a bit of a facelift over the years, Boogle is the FIRST program I ever wrote for the PC, back around 1996, and I am thrilled that people enjoy playing it today! Boogle is absolutely free with no strings attached! It contains no viruses, spyware, or adware. It was a great way to help me learn programming back then, and I never intended to make any money off of it anyway. Enjoy!

Think you know a lot of words? While the score you get strongly depends on which letters are available in a particular game, the more words you know, the higher your score can be. Here are the top five highest scores to date:

If you beat the high score shown above, using the NORMAL timer setting, please contact us. Please attach a screenshot as proof of your amazing feat. We'll post it on the website. Note: We are going on the honor system here, so no cheating!
Boogle Highlights:
  * Two modes of game play (single and multi-player)
  * Play multi--player games over a LAN or the Internet
  * Chat system built into the game (typing) 
  * Outstanding technical support from a person who cares
  * Boogle is absolutely free with no strings attached!
  * No adware.  No spyware.  No viruses.  No kidding!

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