Version 4.6  - February 21st, 2011
* Add a file to the installer that was missing from some newer Operating Systems (or computers with relatively fresh OS installations).

Version 4.5  - February 19th, 2010
* Vista & Windows 7 Compatibility:  The help file has been converted from the "HLP" format to the "CHM" format.
* Vista & Windows 7 Compatibility:  A different installer is being used which recognizes newer Operating Systems as well as 32/64 bit.
* Removed the port option from Boogle altogether.  It caused more problems than it was worth and it is much easier to work with the default ports used by DirectX 7.
* When a player joins or leaves it is now added to the chat window text.
* In multi-player games, the point value is listed next to each word in everyone's list.
* Setup will now ask you if you want to replace the dictionary file if it already exists (won't happen the very first time you install Boogle).  Normally you would want to
replace it with the version included with Setup, but if you happen to be using a custom dictionary then you probably would not.

Version 4.4  - March 9th, 2008
* Cleaned up code for searching & joining games resulting in more DirectPlay stability improvements (read: fewer, if any, automation errors).
* Fixed problem where a duplicate of a session previously found was added to the session list even though no valid session was actually found at the associated IP
* Fixed problem where any valid sessions found after an invalid session in a search failed to be added to the session list.
* When a session is found, Boogle now gets player information (number of players/maximum players)

Version 4.3  - March 4th, 2008
* DirectPlay stability improvements
* Better error handling to prevent & minimize unrecoverable crashes.
* "Please Wait" messages while creating & joining sessions.
* Added new quick button to chat window, "Good Game".
* Added sounds when other players join or leave a multi-player session.

Version 4.2  - February 29th, 2008
* Multi-Player:  When the player closes the score card, they can now reopen it again with the new 'Show Score Card' button that appears over the puzzle in the main
window.  This button disappears again when a new game is started.
* Made changes to the timer code to (hopefully) fix a problem that caused the countdown timer to "lock up" on some computers.
* Added more information to help people have more success with getting Internet games to work.
* Changes made to code & CGI script on website in attempt to make Internet games more accessible when hosting behind a router.

Version 4.1  -  January 21st, 2006
* Boogle now utilizes a public server list hosted on the website.  This allows people to start & join public Internet games without the need to make prior
arrangements (i.e. having to tell the joining players their IP address before hand).
* Fixed problem where incorrect Multi-Player menu items were enabled or disabled when playing Multi-Player games.
* Fixed other minor/cosmetic interface problems.
* Sped up the creation of a hosted MP game.
* Some things are now remembered next time you run Boogle:  Hosting - Player & Session Names, Joining - Player Name, and Port Number
* When hosting a multiplayer game over the Internet, Boogle now pings the site in order to obtain your true Internet IP address.  You no longer need to
look this up yourself when hosting Internet games!

Version 4.0  -  January 7th, 2006
* Initial release of Boogle 4.0 Multi-Player Edition

Versions 3.1 and previous  -  2005-1996
* I originally wrote Boogle back in 1996 and it went through many versions (v1.0 - v3.6) up until sometime in 2005 when I started working on a multi-player version. 
Unfortunately I don't have any release notes from those earlier versions.