List Editor (PRO ONLY)
List Editor (PRO ONLY)
Install the DirecTV Remote+ Volume Test Plugin from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore!
List Editor (PRO ONLY)
Currently supported devices:
* This plugin app will still allow you to configure and test your TV or AVR even if only the free version is installed but please note that you can only control these from the PRO version of the DirecTV Remote+ app.
Working installation of DirecTV Remote+ Pro* from Cognitial Mobile
An SD card (removable or non-removable) must be installed so that this add-on can retrieve your DirecTV Remote app settings
Requirements / Prerequisites:
To ensure ongoing reliability when controlling your TV or AVR over your network, it is strongly recommended that you use static IP addresses or DHCP Reservation for your TV or AVR.  If the IP address changes then you will need to change the IP address in the plugin in order to make it work again.
Frequently Asked Questions:
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Please see this FAQ.
Now you can control VOLUME on your supported TV or AVR, right from inside the main DirecTV Remote+ Pro app with this awesome plugin!  Cognitial Mobile has been leaving the competition behind with loads of cool features and options and this one truly steps it up!  Why use any other DirecTV Remote app on your Android device?