* All actual DirecTV Remote buttons that are supported in the app (except Slow Motion).

* All of your favorite channels and macros (including the built-in CC On/Off macros).

* Mini-Guide (launches the mini-guide without opening the full app).

* "Reboot" command (found under Remote Buttons).  Reboot any receiver with one press of a shortcut.
Supported Shortcuts:
Alternate Usage:
Note:  You cannot "open" this app like a traditional app.  It will not be listed with normal apps!  You create shortcuts with it!

1) Long-press on your home screen and choose the option to add a SHORTCUT (though NOT a normal 'application' shortcut).  This step may vary by device.  Some devices require more steps, others are worded differently such as 'Long-press > Shortcut' or 'Long-press > Shortcuts > App Actions', etc.  Some newer Android devices may even have it listed under Widgets.

2) Choose DirecTV Remote Command from the list of available shortcuts or widgets

3) Choose what type of DirecTV remote shortcut to create (Remote Button, Favorite Channel, Macro or Mini-Guide)

4) Choose your options then press Create

5) You can now send that button, channel or macro to the receiver right from your home screen.  No need to even open the DirecTV Remote app!
* This add-on app will still allow you to create shortcuts even if only the free version is installed but please note that they only function if the PRO version is installed.
Working installation of DirecTV Remote+ Pro* from Cognitial Mobile
An SD card (removable or non-removable) must be installed so that this add-on can retrieve your DirecTV Remote app settings
Requirements / Prerequisites:
Perhaps one of the coolest features of the DirecTV Remote+ Pro from Cognitial Mobile is this awesome add-on!  It allows you to create shortcuts to remote buttons, favorite channels, macros and even the Mini-Guide right on your home screen.  Imagine laying out only the buttons you want, wherever you want, and sending commands to your receiver without even opening the main remote app!
If you decide to specify the destination receiver for the shortcut (as opposed to 'whichever was used last') then it is strongly recommended that you use static IP addresses or DHCP Reservation.  Since you are allowed to change receiver names in the Pro version, specified destinations are based on the receiver's IP address, not its name.  The support site has more information on how to set your receivers to do this.  If the receivers are not using static or reserved addresses then the shortcuts with specified receivers will need to be recreated if the IP address changes.
This add-on app can also be used in conjunction with other apps such as Tasker (using a shortcut plugin) to automate repetitive tasks!
Frequently Asked Questions:
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List Editor (PRO ONLY)
List Editor (PRO ONLY)
Install the DirecTV Remote+ Shortcut Add-on from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore!
List Editor (PRO ONLY)