For network control, in most cases you can perform an automatic scan for your receivers and the app will find them.  However, some receivers may not be set up correctly for external control.  If you have problems scanning for your receivers, please see the troubleshooting FAQ.
Please see the Requirements in the FAQ section.
DirecTV Remote+ app features:
Frequently Asked Questions:
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All-original button artwork looks great on your mobile device!  Inspired by the DirecTV backlit remote.
Three remote styles to choose from:  Compact, mid-size and scrolling.  Choose which one you like best!
The first (and currently only) Android DirecTV remote app to support the Slow Motion remote command.
Create a Favorite Channels list.
See what channel the selected receiver is tuned to and find out what is on.
Reboot your receiver with a couple button presses (handy for when it starts to get laggy, as they unfortunately tend to do).
No ads in the free version (and it goes without saying that there are no ads in the pro version either)!
More features and options than ALL competing apps COMBINED!
FREE vs. PRO comparison chart can be seen here.
Requirements / Prerequisites:
The DirecTV Remote+ app for Android allows you to control your networked DirecTV receiver from anywhere in your house.  If you don't have any networked DirecTV receivers, you may still be able to control them with the app if you have a supported Android device with built-in IR!  Read below for requirements and more information.
Compact Remote
Mid-Size Remote
Scrolling Remote
Search Assistant (PRO ONLY)
Macro List (PRO ONLY)
List Editor (PRO ONLY)
Install DirecTV Remote+
from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore!
Install DirecTV Remote+
Google Play
or the Amazon Appstore!