Those who either know us or have looked at this page before will know that we got married on July 20th, 2003.  Click here for a few pictures from the wedding. Since then we have also brought two beautiful daughters into the world!

About Kevin: Hobbies include computers, computer programming (started back around 1984 on the infamous Commodore 64 and moved on to Windows programming around 1995 or 1996), Excel VBA programming, music & playing drums, riding my motorcycle, and killing Kris in Quake III, Soldier of Fortune 2 and Call of Duty 4*.  We've also gotten into geocaching recently.  I write and support the software found here, and I also own the domain and created/manage this website.  I also came up with the hiccup cure found on this site.  I discovered it years ago (after an unusually long round of hiccups) and it was added as an afterthought to this website back in late 2004 while trying to think of new content to add.  The website was originally created for the sole purpose of peddling my software.  :)

About Kris: Hobbies include reading, writing, arts & crafts, and killing Kevin in Quake III, Soldier of Fortune 2 and Call of Duty 4*.  We've also gotten into geocaching recently.  She also answers tech support emails for me if I am unavailable and she is familiar with the problem.

What is "cognitial"?:  After having written a couple different applications for Windows prior to 2002 and primarily distributing them through AOL, I wanted to have my own website and give myself a better "company name" for my programming adventures.  Back then I think I was using KevSoft or KMD Software or something like that.  Anyway, I chose Cognitial as sort of a play on the word "cognition".

* When we have time anymore, we can sometimes be found playing SOF2 or COD4 online. We have a few favorite servers, but Iíll leave you to figure out which ones. Our ďnamesĒ are typically Samís Daddy & Samís Mommy, and it should be obvious who is who. If you happen to see one of us in the game, be sure to say hi, but youíll have to let us know how you know us otherwise we will just assume you are crazy. ;)  And please donít be offended if we blow your arm, leg, or head off. :)